Guillaume Néry Tells the Story of Water for Sportlife

World Champion Guillame Néry contemplates the ocean
World Champion Guillame Néry contemplates the ocean

The Sportlife campaign has created a documentary saga about three elements in nature: water, ice and snow.The story of the element water is told by world champion freediver Guillaume Néry. Among his many astounding athletic achievements, (including being the youngest person to ever break a freediving world record,) Guillaume is also world renowned for the stunning artistic video Freefall”  that was filmed entirely on breathhold by his equally talented partner Julie Gautier.  In “Freefall“, Guillaume base jumps underwater into world’s largest underwater sinkhole, Dean’s Blue Hole, in the Bahamas.

Check out Néry’s latest video endeavor for Sportlife (a liquid-filled gum), as he describes being in harmony with the ocean, here below.

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