Check Out Neptonics’ Ocean Guardian eSPEAR

Neptonics' Ocean Guardian eSPEAR
Neptonics' Ocean Guardian eSPEAR

Neptonics has announced the introduction of its Ocean Guardian eSPEAR.

The device features Shark Shield Technology, which is the only independently tested  electrical shark deterrent technology. The new spear is designed to reduce the risk of having an unwanted shark encounter.

Features of the eSPEAR include:

    • Clear and easy-to-see LED lights indicating battery charge level and on/off status.
    • No manual switches, the system turns on automatically when deployed.
    • 100 meters (328feet) depth rating.
    • Powered by a lithium-ion battery with wireless charging options.
    • Industrial strength power module.

The eSPEAR is not designed as a full protection system against sharks, where divers can turn it on and forget about their surroundings. The system is intended for spearos who are aware of their environment but still want to guard themselves and their catch from overly curious sharks.

For more info, check out the Neptonics website.