New World Record for Trubridge 95m CNF

Deans Blue Hole is where William Trubridge continues to take care of business. Today he showed his quiet yet relentless strength and sheer determination by setting a new world record dive to 95 meters in the discipline that he has now defined, constant no fins. Will’s dive to 95 meters increases his record depth from just a few days ago at 92 meters. Surfacing once again as a champion, Trubridge’s new world-record dive to 95 meters took three minutes and 56 seconds.

CNF WR 95m dive trubridge


Ryuzo Shinomiya and newcomer Alfredo Romo also continue to perform well at Deans Blue Hole — each garnering a new national record for themselves today. Ryuzo completed a constant weight dive to 108 meters for the new Japanese record and Alfredo pulled up and down in free immersion to 58 meters for a new Mexican best.

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 William Trubridge VB CNF 95