A video has surfaced from Australia, showing a couple of spearfishers having a too-close-for-comfort encounter with a playful whale calf.

The video shot on the Sunshine Coast and featured on the Express.com website shows two spearfishers on the surface when they spot a group of whales heading towards them. The group included a playful calf who was travelling at speed and repeatedly jumping out of the water.

As the men tried to get out of the way of the travelling whale pod, the calf approached at speed and leaped out of the water, almost landing on top of one of the men. Although the clip is short at about 45 seconds and clearly shows the whale narrowly missing the man, in the first few seconds of the video you can see that on its first passage it nearly squashed the cameraman as it leaped out of the water and landed very close to him.

Whether the whale was just playing and the men were just in the wrong place at the wrong time or whether it was just having some juvenile mischief is unclear. However, the experience seems to have been exhilarating for the men and enjoyable for the whale calf.

Check out the video of this amazing close call below.

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