SporTube is showcasing its Poseidon spearfishing bag at this year’s Blue Wild Ocean Adventure Expo in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The long, 6896 cubic inch capacity (113 liters) rolling bag sports a high-density polyethylene at the tips and tails that helps protect the vulnerable parts of the speargun, the same material that the company makes its hard cases out of.

Fully padded all the way around as well, the Poseidon bag can fit four to six spearguns along with fins, masks, snorkels and wetsuits.

As to its availability, the company sold through its entire stock that it brought in this year. SporTube has begun manufacturing more of them which will take place over the summer, and the bags will be available again in mid-September or the beginning of October.

The Poseidon Bag retails for US$229.95/214.38 Euros. For more info, check out the company website at

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