New Karbon fin blades and dive mask lights were on display at the Hammerhead Spearguns booth at the Blue Wild Ocean Adventure Expo in Fort Lauderdale, Florida this weekend.

The new Karbon fin blades, made out of 100 percent LT700 carbon, retail for US$469/437 Euros.

Hammerhead Spearguns' New Karbon Fin Blade
Hammerhead Spearguns’ New Karbon Fin Blade

The company was also showcasing its new lights that fit on top of the dive mask. The light features a high-power 300-lumen mode, a lower-power 150-lumen mode and a safety flashing strobe. The light retails for US$89/83 Euros.

Hammerhead Spearguns' New Dive Mask Light
Hammerhead Spearguns’ New Dive Mask Light

Hammerhead’s Kevin Sakuda spoke to about the company’s dive masks:

“One thing a lot of people don’t realize in all of the Hammerhead masks, we use ultra-clear glass, so it’s the same glass that’s in your eyeglasses, it’s a low-iron-oxide formulation . . . giving you about a 6 percent better visibility, and with the added coatings you can add 14 percent better visibility with the Hammerhead masks. Now, the 14 percent doesn’t sound like that much, but . . . let’s say the visibility is 100 feet, with the Hammerhead mask you’ll probably see about 99.8 feet compared to about 84 feet with other lenses.”

For more info on all of Hammerhead Spearguns products, check out the company’s website at

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