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Stig Severinsen Sets A New Guinness World Record, Swims 500ft Under The Ice

Four-time Danish World Champion freediver Stig Severinsen announced this week that he had achieved a new Guinness World Record by swimming 500 feet (152.4 meters) underwater below one-meter-thick ice on a single breath of air.

Authenticating his lifelong passion for water and breath-holding, Stig pushed himself far beyond the limits of any normal human being, swimming whilst wearing a wetsuit, in the freezing waters of Greenland,” according to a new post on Severinsen’s Breatheology Facebook page.

Severinsen’s world-record achievements will be featured on a two-part Discovery Channel series, “The Man Who Doesn’t Breathe,” which premieres in Denmark and the UK later this year.

No word yet on when it will air in the United States.

Guinness World Records Editor-in-Chief Craig Glenday said: “Stig has more than proved himself worthy of a Guinness World Records certificate. Some of our record achievements are easy to attempt but not necessarily easy to beat, and some attempts -– like these — are difficult to attempt AND difficult to beat. For Stig, it has always been about pushing the limits of what a human body can do, and his record-breaking success is testament to his technique, attitude and physicality.

Dan Korn, senior vice President and Head of programming at Discovery Networks Western Europe, said: “At Discovery, we’re fascinated by people who are willing to dedicate themselves to achieving the truly remarkable. Stig is one such individual and it was a great privilege for us to be able to film him as he attempted these three world records. It also provided an opportunity to explore some ground breaking physiological and sports science, which -– through Stig’s endeavours -– led us to the very limits of the human body’s capabilities.

The first episode of the two-part documentary will see Severinsen freediving with sharks and crocodiles off the cuban coast; become the first man to free dive in sub-zero waters under an iceberg, and try to break another world record: swim the longest distance under ice without a wetsuit.

The second episode will show Severinsen returning to his home town in Denmark to — for the last time — try to break his own world record and hold his breath underwater for more than 22 minutes.


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John Liang
John Liang
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