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#OzDepthNats2015 – Day One

The Australian Freediving Association is hosting their depth nationals in Bali, Indonesia. Athletes from Australia, France, New Zealand, Indonesia, Ukraine and beyond are attempting...

Days Two & Three of the Mini-comp Kalamata, Greece

The main event has not yet started but the freediving performances coming out of Greece are nothing short of astounding. On Day 2 of...

New Zealand Depth Nationals – Mullins Takes First Place

This past weekend freedivers who indulge in thermoclines participated in the New Zealand depth nationals at idyllic Lake Taupo. A total of 16 hearty...

Achingly Close: Freediving World Record Eludes Kathryn Nevatt

Somtimes you have it, sometimes you don't. Unfortunately for Kiwi freediver Kathryn Nevatt this past week placed her achingly close to achieving a new...

New Zealand Duo Fail in First Freediving Record Bid

New Zealander Freedivers Kathryn Nevatt and David Mullins attempted to break the current World Records in the Freediving discipline of Dynamic Apnea without Fins...

Experienced Spearfisher dies in New Zealand

Eric De Vries, an experienced free diver, has died while spearfishing off the Kapiti Coast in New Zealand on Saturday 3rd December 2011.Eric failed...

Vertical Blue 2008 – The Blue Hole is Alive with the...

More reporting from Vertical Blue 2008 from Peter Scott. This time an in depth look at two of the competition's rising stars.

Vertical Blue 2008 – It's Happening Beneath the Surface – Part...

Peter Scott on location with updates and behind the scenes reporting on the Vertical Blue competition at Dean's Blue Hole in the Bahamas.
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