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Team USA Freedivers To Host Hawaii Competition Freedive Paradise

The United States largest international competitive freediving depth event, Freedive Paradise 2015, will be held in Captain Cook at Pu’uhonua o H?naunau on August 21st – 23rd. This year will mark the first of the annual event which hosts freedivers from around the world with competitors from the U.S., China, England, Israel, Sweden, and Kuwait will participate in the 3 day event.

Divers will partake in a depth competition which features three disciplines; Constant Weight (CWT), Constant No Fins (CNF), and Free Immersion (FIM).

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The first two disciplines require the diver to kick down a line set to a maximum depth of 105m / 344ft – the first with fins, and the second without. The last discipline requires the diver to pull down the rope without kicking.

Big Island is a world renowned Freedive location because of its easily accessible depths a short swim from shore. Freedive Paradise 2015 will solidify Hawaii’s presence and join the ranks with other international host countries such as Egypt, Italy, and Greece.

Freedive Paradise 2015 - Custom Made Competition Platform
Freedive Paradise 2015 – Custom Made Competition Platform
Stephan Whelan
Stephan Whelan
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