VIDEO: Nanja van den Broek World Record Dive

Nanja vd Broek Variable Weight World Record. Photo by Daan Verhoeven
Nanja vd Broek Variable Weight World Record. Photo © Daan Verhoeven

On October 18th, Nanja van den Broek of the Netherlands set a new world record in the freediving discipline of Variable Weight (VWT) with a successful sled dive down to 130 meters in the clear blue Egyptian waters of Sharm El Sheikh, and a self-propelled ascent back up to the surface in just three minutes time. Having a world record under her belt is a terrific early birthday present for the Dutchwoman, who will turn 40 in November.

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Nanja had this to say about her dive.

“Yes it’s really nerve racking, a world record — you can prepare everything but when the moment arrives you think ‘My God what’s going on?!’ and you have to close off completely.”

Watch Nanja’s  record-setting performance in a video produced by Daan Verhoeven here below.


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