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Poolside at the 3rd Dutch Apnea Open

DB Contributor Sam Kirby dives Dutch,dallies at dinner and delightfully describes the detailed drama.

Tom Sietas sets new German National Record

Tom Sietas, who last weekend set the World Record in static breath hold, set a new German National Record in Dynamic WithOut...

Tom Sietas hits new World Record at Dutch Open

Tom Sietas, the current World Record Holder for Static Breath Hold, hit 8 minutes 58 seconds at the 3rd Dutch Open over...
Umberto Pelizzari Underwater Apnea Academy

Quiet Men: Alun George with Umberto Pelizzari

Contributor Alun George meets the freediving legend.

The Later Volumes of Freediving

Freediving Editor Paul Kotik introduces a new literary genre: Freediving Fiction. Or is it ?

The 5th Manazuru Constant Ballast Contest

From the Land of the Diving Sons (and Daughters)

Reto en el Abismo 2004

Our peripatetic and intrepid contributor Perry, from the blue Abismo.

A Process Of Elimination

Freediving Editor Paul Kotik returns to look at the future of the Sport

Results from the Kona Challenge 2004

Matt Briseno has informed DeeperBlue.net that 4 National Records and 1 World Record were broken during the Kona Challenge in late October...

Loic LeFerme sets new No-Limits Record

Loic LeFerme, on Saturday 30th October 2004, set a new Mens No-Limits World Record by diving to 171m in Villefranche, Nice, France. ...

Sig Severinsen Disappointed in Venezuela

Venezuela, October 29, 2004- Stig Severinsen's third and final attempt at 67 meters Constant No Fins was unsuccesful due to a blackout...

Update on AIDA Doping Scandal

AIDA have provided an update on the two athletes who tested positive during anti-doping tests during this year. Tom SIETAS (Germany)...

Carlos Coste reaches Variable Record

Oct.27.04, Puerta La Cruz, Venezuela - At 11:25am Carlos Coste descended to 135 meters by sled and returned under his own power...

Drama on Stig World Record dive in Venezuela

At approx. 11:34 am today Stig Severinsen made a second attempt to 67m Constant No Fins. The performance was disqualifed after a...
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