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Loic LeFerme's No-Limits Course

Contributor Kimmo Lahtinen shares his day by day journal entries of his experiences while attending Loic LeFerme's No-Limits Coursein Nice, France.

David Lee to attempt Unassisted Constant Ballast record

David Lee will again put Jamaica on the freediving map by attempting his third world record in the Unassisted Constant Ballast category of freediving...

Yasemin Dalkilic preparing for New World Record attempt

Yasemin will be attempting a New World Record on June 23rd.Yasemin has set a total of 6 world records, becoming the first female world...

2002 US Freediving Team Trials

Who: U.S. Freediving Team -- Apnea USA sponsored by AIDA-USA. Who is eligible: Applicants may be Men or Women, 18 yrs. and older. Applicants must...

Mandy-Rae sets new Static World Record

Deeper Blue's man on the ground, Peter Scott, has sent us a report that Mandy-Rae Cruickshank has set a new Static Apnea World Record...

World-Record Omnibus

What actually occurs behind the scenes when a world record attempt is made? Staff writer Peter Scott gives us a behind the scenes look at what occurs during an event like this.

Canadian National Freediving Competition

May 24th ?? 26th, the Canadian Association of Freediving and Apnea (CAFA) will be hosting their 2nd annual national freediving competition in Vancouver, BC....

Exclusive: Tuglia to train with Pipin

Steve Truglia, one of the worlds newest No-Limits Freedivers, who set a new British AIDA No-Limits Record on 18th May 2002 has told Deeper...

First Official UK No-Limits Record

We're pleased to announce that on Saturday 18th May 2002 at the Fort William Underwater Centre in Scotland, Steve Truglia set the first official...

Training to 100m with the IAFD

Read the day by day recap of UK Champion freediver Steve Truglia as he trains with World Champion Pipin Ferraras at the International Association of Free Divers in Miami, Florida.

Spearfishing Magazine is proud to present first Internet broadcast

Spearfishing Magazine is proud to present the first Internet broadcast by and for the spear fishing community, ""Spearfishing Magazine Wired"" - a Breathhold.com production.This...

Freediving 101

Cliff Etzel, Deeperblue's Freedive Editor and IAFD Freedive Instructor, provides some insight into how someone interested in learning to freedive can do so safely.

Three National Record Attempts to take place

On May 17th, 18th and 19th, three National Record Attempts will take place in Miami, Florida, sponsored and organized by the IAFD.Matt Briseno and...

Performance Freediving Team Members to attempt World Records

Performance Freediving Team Members Mandy-Rae Cruickshank and Martin Stepanek have registered to make world record attempts May 24th to 26th,2002 - which conincides with...
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