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If you want to learn more about Freediving read our comprehensive features, articles and news below.

Profile Series: Yasemin Dalkilic

In conjunction with her accomplishing her 105m Variable Ballast record, Yasemin Dalkilic answers out questions in our continuing Profiles series.

Profile Series: Tanya Streeter

Tanya took some time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions our Freediving Editor, Cliff Etzel asked her in our continuing Profiles series.

Oceanmen IMAX Movie

Deeperblue's Publisher, Stephan Whelan, was treated to a special screening of the new IMAX film, Oceanmen. Read what he had to say about this visual piece of cinematic eye candy.

Eric Fattah's World Record

Staff Writer, Peter Scott, had a chance to sit down and interview the new Constant Ballast Record Holder, Eric Fattah as he recounted his experiences leading up to and accomplishing his 82m Constant Ballast world record attempt.

My First Steps

Resident Expert and contributing writer, Thom Reilly, discusses his experiences of learning to Freedive.

The Florida Event Diary

Contributing writer, Eric Fattah, recounts the events of four world record attempts in the same week while on location in Miami Florida.

105m World Record Attempt

Variable Ballast World Record Holder, Yasemin Dalkilic, recounts her experiences leading up to and accomplishing her world record attempt in July of 2001.

Freediving with the Suunto Stinger

Read Rabi's review of Suunto's Freediving computer - The Stinger.

Technology and Diving – A personal perspective

Technology and Freediving are converging. Is it a good thing? Our always opinionated Freediving Editor, Cliff Etzel, gives his thoughts on the good - and the bad.

Diving Solo – An Update

Our Resident Freediving Instructor and Freediving Editor, Cliff Etzel, expounds on his original notion of solo freediving and thinking about its ramifications.

Going it alone…Solo Freediving

Ever wondered if you should Freedive alone? OUr Freediving Editor, Cliff Etzel, shares some of his thoughts on the matter.

Fin Envy

Our Freediving Editor, Cliff Etzel, reviews several major brands of fins for those with Fin Envy!

Deep Diving Stories

Eric tells his story of his Personal Best on September 17.


Powerlung is a device that helps train you lungs. Cliff got the opporunity to review one, here are his thoughts.
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