Scuba Diving

If you want to learn more about what is Scuba Diving check out our feature articles and news below.

Human Activities Put Pressure on Great Barrier Reef

The world's longest reef is losing its dugongs and nesting sea turtles at a rapid rate, according to the first...

Florida Keys Lobster Season Info Available from NMS

The Florida Keys Marine Sanctuary and the Florida Wildlife Commission hosts the annual Lobster Information Booth at Mile Marker 106...

Me and my PFO

Becky Varns found herself in a recompression chamber after only a 7 meter dive, with one of the worst cases of DCI seen by the attending physician. How could this be?

New Housing from Equinox Designed Specifically for Panasonic Cameras

Equinox Underwater Products, a leading manufacturer of underwater video and digital still housings, announces the release of the...

Japanese whalers are wary of international opposition to their trade

Just as the sun's rays peek over the Pacific, blood and blubber begin pouring over the...

Psychological Issues in Diving (Part III)

In this last part of the article series by DAN we discuss Schizophrenia, Marijuana and Alcohol Use and how it impacts diving

Jean-Michel Cousteau, Ocean Futures Society Crew to Embark for "The Most Remote Islands on...

In 1964, movie posters for Jacques Cousteau’s bold underwater film, World Without Sun, urged filmgoers to come see...

Tiny Coral Larvae Hold Clues to Maui Reefs

Corals are small colonial animals that secrete hard outer skeletons. One of the principal corals for building reefs in Hawaii,...

Rising temperatures may threaten some seashore crab species, says study

If the Earth's climate continues to warm up as predicted, some crab species along the Pacific coast may face extinction....

Vending machines kill, sharks don't, say LA lifeguards

Great white sharks may have been sighted off a popular Los Angeles beach in the last few days, to the...

The P1SS Rebreather

Duncan Price has built his own rebreather, from some unusual materials. Read about the evolution here

Digital Video & Imaging Workshop With Rod Klein

2004 Schedule Now Available for Digital Video and Still courses aboard Aggressor Fleet liveaboards. A contributor to...

STORM for Divers

STORM (Sports Therapy and Orthopaedic Remedial Medicine) for Divers is a research project studying the incidence and type of sports...

Ten Tips – Packing that other Bag

The Dive Bag is packed, thats the easy part. To make that summer holiday just that bit more pleasant we have ten ideas, that could make a difference
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