Scuba Diving

If you want to learn more about what is Scuba Diving check out our feature articles and news below.

The Cristobal Colon of Bermuda

Nick takes a look at the Cristobal Colon of Bermuda -'Shipwreck Capital of the Atlantic'.

The USS Saratoga Aircraft Carrier

Nick talks about the USS Saratoga "Sara" Aircraft Carrier wreck in Bikini Atoll.

Neutral Buoyancy

Will Claudine ever get a book about the Underwater World she doesn't enjoy?

Diving the HMCS Yukon wreck

Nick provides in-depth information on HMCS Yukon that was sunk in San Diego.

Diving in Lake George– New York State

Tom introduces us to Lake George in New York State.

Travel Globally, Dive Locally

Malcolm explains the best way of travelling the world yet still supporting the humble "Local Dive Store".

A cleaner future for Europes??? water users?

A cleaner future for Europes??? water users? The Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) talk to Stephan.

Divemaster Stories from Hell

Divemaster of the World be warned - They are still out there - those divers that come straight from Hell.

Diving in Sudan

Diving in Sudan - it may not be top of people's "beach holiday list" but is it a good place to dive?

Diving in Cancun

Ron introduces us to diving in Cancun.

From Hoboken to Bonaire–Getting Certified to Dive

After four resort dives, Tom knew it was time to stop playing around and become fully certified as a Scuba Diver.

Doing it Mermaid Style

So are things different for women in the diving world? Claudine takes a light-hearted look at Women Divers.

Dive the Perth in Albany

HMAS Perth is one of the artificial reefs being sunk for divers. Susan introduces us to the HMAS Perth in Albany.

Jong Bonaire

Jane gives the low-down on the World's First Internet Banquet and Scuba Dive.
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