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Zeagle Sport BCD Recalled

Huish Outdoors Recalls Zeagle Sport BCDs

Huish Outdoors has announced a recall for its line of Zeagle Sport BCDs.
"Cressi Atelier" offers an exclusive line of products brick & mortar and not available on the internet (photo by Alex St. Jean)

Cressi Goes Offline At DEMA Show

As a signal of loyalty to its retailers Cressi announces an "Atelier Line" of scuba diving products which can only be purchased offline and never on the internet.
Women Divers Hall Of Fame (WDHOF)

A Proper Ascent: The Women Divers Hall of Fame Helps Women Rise to the...

The Women Divers Hall of Fame continues to promote, connect, and recognize women in diving.
Girls That Scuba at DEMA Show 2018

Girls That Scuba Launch The World’s First Members-Only Discount Platform

Membership definitely has its privileges with Girls That Scuba.
AquaLung at DEMA Show 2018

AquaLung Goes Rogue At DEMA Show 2018

While taking in DEMA 2018, was lucky enough to catch up with Dean Martin over at AquaLung to see some great products highlighted at this year's show.
Divevolk's new iPhone dive case

Divevolk Unveils Revolutionary New Technology: DiveAssistant

A crowdfunding campaign is underway for a new underwater iPhone case called the Divevolk.
'United as One': Erik Brown's DEMA 2018 Tale Of The Thai Cave Rescue

‘United as One’: Erik Brown’s DEMA 2018 Tale Of The Thai Cave Rescue

Canadian national Erik Brown was one of the many cave divers involved in the successful rescue of the 12 Thai boys and their coach who were trapped 4km (2.5 miles) inside a cave in Thailand earlier this year.
Visible 247 at DEMA Show 2018

Visible 247 Showcases Incredibly Bright Technology For The First Time At DEMA

Visible 247 introduced a high-performing photoluminescent technology at this year's DEMA Show in Las Vegas.
Shearwater Research's Bruce Partridge at DEMA Show 2018

Shearwater Research Continues To Grow And Innovate

Bruce Partridge, the founder and chairman of Shearwater Research, took a break from a very busy day on the floor at DEMA Show to chat with about the roots of the company and their new product this year.
Dive Assure at DEMA Show 2018

Rest Assured When You’re Onboard, DiveAssure Has You Covered

DiveAssure has a new liability insurance program for dive professionals outside the USA.
Aquasketch Unveils Prototype For New Ways To Use Paper Underwater

Aquasketch Unveils Prototype For New Ways To Use Paper Underwater

Mark Hagan, inventor of the Aquasketch, brought the prototype of a new product to DEMA Show this year.
ScubaJet : Scootin' Its Way To The Top

ScubaJet: Scootin’ Its Way To The Top was able to catch up with Mark McQueen at DEMA Show 2018 to get the low-down on the ScubaJet and what it is bringing to the table to truly enhance our days in the water.
Mares Highlights Brand New Regs At DEMA Show

Mares Highlights Brand New Regs At DEMA Show had a look at some of Mares' new, top-of-the-line regulators and their exciting new features at DEMA Show 2018.
TUSA’s Switch PRO Fins Make For A More Powerful Dive

TUSA’s Switch PRO Fins Make For A More Powerful Dive

TUSA showcased its HyFlex Switch PRO fins at DEMA Show 2018.
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