Did you ever wonder why some spearos manage to shoot and land bigger (better/deeper/stronger?) than you? They use better equipment? They hunt better spots?
Maybe they are trained better than you?

I strongly believe that personal characteristics and NOT the equipment used is the primary key to success. I shared my perspective in the previous episodes of the Deep Spearfishing Encyclopedia, where we looked at such important elements as Relaxation, Patience, Awareness and Respect. But how can we tie it all together? What should be the base, the concrete for good underwater performance?

Enters the Deep Spearfishing Encyclopedia #6: Health and Training.

The new episode is all about staying healthy and training to attain better performance.

  • Hydration?
  • Aerobic?
  • CO2 tolerance?

and the most important of all

  • Is your mind ready?

Join the club, strive for a healthier and more enjoyable underwater experience (whether it directly related to bigger fish, deeper dives or more comfortable underwater stay).

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