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Review: Oxygen by William Trubridge

Review: Oxygen by William Trubridge

We take a look at the new book Oxygen by William Trubridge
Intermediate PFI Course With Ted Harty. Photo courtesy of Spearing Magazine.

Review: Intermediate Freediving Course with Ted Harty and Immersion Freediving

When we write a review for a product or service, it is usually a pretty straightforward matter. There are some criteria that the product...
Yoga for Freediving - Manage Your Mind

Review: Manage Your Mind: Yoga for Freediving Course

"I think failure can be actually the biggest teacher...if we always succeed we don't get a chance to get perspective on our goals and...
Dive Moken

Freediving App Review Series: Dive Moken App

This is part of the DeeperBlue.com Freediving App Review Series - a collection of reviews of Freediving related mobile apps.  Each app has been...
Review - Sporasub Yemaya

Review: Sporasub Yemaya Women’s Wetsuit

Finding a wetsuit that fits is sometimes a real challenge. We take the Sporasub Yemaya Women’s Wetsuit diving to find out how this suit performs.
Orca Free - the best freediving suit?

Review: Orca Free 2mm Freediving Wetsuit

We look at the new FREE 2mm freediving wetsuit from triathlon brand Orca
DeeperBlue.com - Review Aquasphere Aqua Skinsuit

Review: Aqua Sphere Aqua Skinsuit

The Aqua Sphere Aqua Skinsuit occupies a fairly rarefied niche in the wetsuit/tri-suit/swim skin universe. Unlike most tri-suits it lacks thick neoprene flotation panels....
Success & Failure - Yoga for Freediving

Review: Success and Failure: Yoga for Freediving Course

We take a look and review the fifth course in the Yoga for Freediving series by Sara Campbell
Review: Deepblu Cosmiq

Review: Deepblu COSMIQ – Smart Dive Computers Are Here!

Every so often a product comes to market that revolutionizes the world. Read our review of the next generation dive computer - the COSMIQ
Review - OceanPositive Women's Activewear

Review: Fourth Element’s OceanPositive Women’s Activewear

OceanPositive Activewear delivers on the promise of conservation and comfort. Associate Editor Erin gets a closer look at this eco-friendly range
DeeperBlue.com - Review One Breath By Adam Skolnick

A Book Review of “One Breath” by Adam Skolnick

"One Breath" is a book that seeks to tell the true story of the often misunderstood world of competitive freediving. It is also a...
Orca Breathe 2mm Freediving Wetsuit

Review: Orca BREATHE 2mm Freediving Wetsuit

We look at the new BREATHE 2mm freediving wetsuit from triathlon brand Orca
Glass and Water - Freediving Photography Mark Harris

Review: Glass and Water – The Essential Guide to Freediving for Underwater Photography

As freedivers and photographers, we have all probably read books on those topics, and there are many really good books that separately cover all...
DeeperBlue.com - Review_ Manual of Freediving 2nd Edition

Review: Manual of Freediving – Underwater On a Single Breath (2nd Edition)

The Manual of Freediving was co-authored by Umberto Pelizzari (a retired competitive freediver, 16 time world record holder, and founder of the Apnea Academy)...
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