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Nick Mevoli 100 CWT with tag Photo © Grant Graves

Tragic Loss of Rising Freediving Star

A tragedy struck our community today.  Nick Mevoli from Brooklyn, New York, passed away. Our thoughts and condolences are with his family and loved...

Ashley Futral Grabs Her First National Freediving Title

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands -- Upon arrival in Grand Cayman for Deja Blue II  newlwed Ashley Futral prolcaimed "I am here to break some national records,"...
Blue Abyss 50m Pool

World’s Deepest Pool To Be Built In The UK

Europe has seen it's far share of deep pools - the 28m Submarine Escape Training Tank (S.E.T.T.) in the UK, 33m Nemo33 in Belgium...

The world????????s first freediving log book

It had to happen. First we had the F1, a dive computer designed by a freediver for freedivers. However this was a...
Breaking The Day: Two Amazing Competition Days in the Life Of Stig Pryds

Check Out Freediver Stig Pryds In A New Red Bull TV Episode

Breaking The Day, a documentary covering the last two dives of Free diver Stig Pryds at the Vertical Blue 2016 competition

Loic Leferme: Explorer, Adventurer, Freediver

Staff Writer and consummate waterman Peter Scott gets deep into the world of Loic Leferme.

Canada To Host '4th AIDA Freediving World Championships for 2004'

On September 28th, the Association for the International Development of Apnea (AIDA), the world governing sport federation for competitive ...

Martin Stepanek set new Mens World Record

Martin Stepanek today set a new World Record (pending official verification) in Constant Weight to a depth of 103m in a dive...

World Champion Freediver Martin Stepanek Demonstrates 7-Minute Breath Hold

World Champion Freediver Martin Stepanek demonstrated a 7-minute breath hold this week at DEMA 2010. While Stepanek, who founded Freediving Instructors International, held his...
Stig Severinsen Sets New Guiness World Record Under Ice

Stig Severinsen Sets A New Guinness World Record, Swims 250 Feet Under Ice Without...

Four-time Danish World Champion freediver Stig Severinsen announced this week that he had achieved a new Guinness World Record by swimming 250 feet (76.2...

The Art and Zen of Freediving

Freediving can be an almost relgious experience. Cliff explains his thoughts on the matter.

The FIT Gulfstream Invitational

Todd makes his third appearance here on with an article about the recent FIT Gulfstream Invitational competition

Profile Series: Steve Truglia

In our continuing series on the personalities of the sport of performance freediving, Deeperblue's publisher, Stephan Whelan, asks a series of questions to the UK's no limits champion, Steve Trugila.
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