Scuba Diving

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Tom Oates and Ben Lee at Robin Hood Watersports. Photo - Deptherapy

Deptherapy Announces 24-Hour Dive Fundraiser

Deptherapy program members Ben Lee and Tom Oates aim to raise more than £5,000 with a 24-hour dive.
Suunto Offering 'Special Pricing' In USA For D-Series Dive Watches

Suunto Offering ‘Special Pricing’ In USA For D-Series Dive Watches

If you're in the market for a new dive watch, you may want to check out Suunto. It's offering "special pricing" for some of its dive watches.
Scuba diver on coral reef

I Had Perfect Buoyancy What Happened

You might have perfect buoyancy and are perfectly weighted, but do you understand the impact that equipment changes might make?
NASA Astronauts Learning Underwater (Photo credit: Karl Shreeves/NASA)

A Winning Bid Could Get You A Dive Trip To Aquarius Reef Base

Florida International University is conducting an auction where the highest bidder will get the chance to dive the Aquarius Reef Base off the coast of Key Largo, Florida.
Underwater Museum Of Art To Premiere With Seven Sculptures

Twelve New Designs Selected For Second Underwater Museum of Art Installation

Twelve new sculpture designs have been selected by jury for permanent exhibition in the second installation of the Underwater Museum of Art off the Florida coast.
2018 SSI Master Diver Challenge Winner Announced

2018 SSI Master Diver Challenge Winner Announced

Gregory Holt (not the one from Scuba Radio) has been announced as the winner of the 2018 SSI Master Diver Challenge.

PADI Instructor Creates Lionfish Hunter Distinctive Specialty

PADI Master Instructor Chris Willey has created a "Lionfish Hunter Distinctive Specialty."
DAN Board Chairwoman Kathy Weydig named Diver of the Year by Beneath The Sea.

Beneath The Sea Diver Of The Year Announced

DAN Board Chairwoman Kathy Weydig has been named Diver of the Year by Beneath The Sea.
PADI Americas Announces Dates For 2018 Master Scuba Diver Challenge

DEMA Study Into New Dive Professionals Released

DEMA has released a study into new dive industry professionals.
dive cylinders

Large Numbers Of New Inspectors Join The PSI-PCI Team

PSI-PCI Cylinder inspection training is now available at several upcoming future events.
Boston Sea Rovers 2019 Clinic

Check Out The Boston Sea Rovers Dive Show Next Week!

The Boston Sea Rovers have announced the dates for their 65th annual dive show.
Scuba diver underwater showing ok signal with two hands.

Liveaboard.Com has Two Open Vacancies has announced that it is recruiting for two open vacancies.
Suunto Divers

Check Out Suunto’s New Diver Survey

Suunto is looking for people who dive regularly and would be interested in participating in an online survey.
Women Divers Highlight DC Dive Show

Women Divers Highlight Baltimore-DC Dive Show

Highly accomplished women divers were the evening featured speakers at this year's Baltimore-DC Dive Show held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC.
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