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Spearguns and Wetsuits by Omer


Omersub (otherwise known as Omer) has a long-standing history of being a worldwide leader in the manufacturing and distribution of innovative spearfishing and freediving equipment, distributed in over 70 countries. And they are back at DEMA Show 2017 with a full-range of products including a prototype of a soon-to-be-released spearfishing gun called the “Invictus.

The new Invictus looks sturdy and streamlined, as do most Omer guns, but what’s special about this speargun is a stainless-steel trigger that provides a more durable system to allow for more pounds on the mechanism. What does that mean for the buyer? Well, the additional capacity to handle bigger fish.

“It has a holding strength of 550 lbs.” shared Omer product manager Kyle Faust.

specs for the Invictus
specs for the Invictus

The elegant design of the Invictus also features a three-band muzzle and is made of carbon fiber. With size options ranging from 75 cm to 130 cm at a price of US$340/~292 Euros to $500/~429 Euros it is very likely come March 2018 when these guns are available for purchase, the Invictus will be as popular as Omer’s best-selling wetsuit the “Holostone.” These stretchy-spearo suits are available in 3mm and 5mm for $350/~300 Euros, and $380/~326 Euros respectively which is not a bad price for a hard-working suit.

Hollowstone extra-stretch wetsuit
Holostone extra-stretch wetsuit

Spearguns and Wetsuits by Omer 4
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