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A Deep Dive into the Life of Extreme Photographer Wes Skiles

Drawn to the Deep celebrates the life of Wes Skiles, a diver, and photographer who was a self-taught expert on Florida's freshwater springs and an outspoken advocate for their conservation.

Two Shipwreck Diving Books By Rod MacDonald Due Out This Month

Shipwreck diver Rod MacDonald will have a pair of books published later on this month about his experiences diving the most famous wrecks from World War I off the U.K. and World War II in the Pacific.

Aussie Spearos Near Crowdfunding Goal For Spearfishing How-To Guide

'99 Tips to Get Better at Spearfishing' Nears Crowdfunding Goal

New Cookbook For Divers Just Published

A new 'Dining With Divers' cookbook was recently published .

‘Oxygen Measurement For Divers’ – A Great New Reference For Rebreather...

Oxygen sensors, like sharks, have suffered from some bad PR. There's quite a lot of myths and misinformation available at the touch of the...

Writer/Photographer Al Hornsby Has A New Book Out

If you're the type who loves leafing through books filled with beautiful underwater photos, diving and wildlife photographer Al Hornsby may have something just...

Review: Diving in Indonesia – The Ultimate Guide to the World’s...

Check out our review of Diving in Indonesia: The Ultimate Guide to the World's Best Dive Spots

Freediving Book “One Breath” Released Today

The most recent book on competitive Freediving - ONE BREATH by Adam Skolnick - is being released today in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland...

Glass and Water: Interview with the Author – Mark Harris

As a bit of an introduction about the author, Mark Harris is a respected International Freediver. His experience means he has the capability to...

First Guide To Freediving For Underwater Photography Released

Former British Champion freediver Mark Harris has released his first book - Glass and Water: The Essential Guide to Freediving for Underwater Photography. ...
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