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Guide To Freediving Nose Clips

Learn what to look for and how to start training with your first freediving nose clip

[PHOTO] Surround Yourself With Magic

Check out our latest Photo of the Week - Surround Yourself With Magic

[VIDEO] The Hunt

We take a look at our Video Of The Week - The Hunt

First Hawai’i Cup Of Freediving Event Announced

The dates for the first US Freediving Federation and CMAS-sanctioned freediving competition in the USA have been announced.

[PHOTO] Finding Balance

Check out our latest Photo of the Week

[VIDEO] Diving In One Of The Most Beautiful Lakes!

We take a look at our Video Of The Week

Are You Ready To #GoDiving?

A brand-new UK based dive exhibition is being launched to inspire and enthuse existing divers as well as attract newcomers to the sport

New Freediving Center Unveiled On Curaçao

A new freedivinng center on Curacao launches, Oceanquest Curaçao!

Guide To Freediving Safety Lanyards

How to decide which freediving lanyard to buy and where on your body to place it.

Will There Be An AIDA Team World Championship This October?

AIDA Team World Championship event organizers need to know by the end of this week whether there is enough interest in going forward with it.

2018 Swiss Deepdiving Championship Takes Place This Month

The Swiss Deepdiving Championship differs from other freediving competitions and is more challenging for participants.

The Winners, Personal Bests and the Stars of OriginECN Vertical Blue

Read all about the winning achievements of athletes from around the globe from this year's OriginECN Vertical Blue #VB2018

The Importance Of Lanyards For Freediving

Learn how essential freediving lanyards are for safety, and why they should be one of your first equipment purchases.

Blue Element Freediving Competition Set For November 2018

The Blue Element International Freediving Competition will be held November 23rd-30th, 2018 in Soufriere/Scotts Head Bay, Dominica.
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