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What the Puck ? Ice Hockey Upside Down !

Can it get any cooler than this latest addition to the world of extreme sports ? Herr von Heydebreck on shock and awe: it is pucking AMAZING !

SaltFree Divers Summer Splash 2005

SaltFree Divers invite you to a small, end of season friendly competition, the SaltFree Summer Splash, at the National Diving and Activity...

Freediving Reloaded : Taking Stock

Our born-again freediver pauses to consider the advice of kind friends and strangers, and narrowly escapes metamorphasis into a wire-service news filler.

International Judges Course in the UK

The BFA is running an International Judges Course with Bill Stromberg, AIDA Vice President - (Europe) this June and they would like...

SaltFree Divers Presents The Mermaid Challenge

Are you the next Tanya Streeter? A waterbaby who would like to grow up? Or maybe a manatee who would rather be...

Test tubes to save Endangered Sharks

3rd of June, 2005. Sydney, Australia. The NSW Primary Industries Minister, the Honourable Ian McDonald, has announced radical plans to ensure the survival of the...

Freediving Reloaded: Getting My Feet Wet

Freediving Editor Paul Kotik continues his unique account of an expert -turned - novice freediver. Where is he going wrong ? What is he doing right ?Help !

Freediving Reloaded

Revived Freediving Editor Paul Kotik, a highly-experienced total beginner to the sport, launches a unique research enterprise of potential value to all.

New FreeDiving Computer goes on Pre-Sale

The Liquivision F1 Dive Assistant has now gone on pre-sale. The team behind the computer have announced a pre-order sale of 10%...

2005 Winter Apnea Games

Panos takes time to provide a run down of the setup and running of the Greek 2005 Winter Apnea Games

Breath-Hold Diving Medical Conference to be held

Dr Peter Lindholm has announced that he is currently organising for a 2 day conference dedicated to breath-hold diving. The scientific meeting...

AIDA President Resigns

Sebastien Nagel announced today that he was resigning as President of AIDA. Nagel stated his decision to the AIDA Assembly in an...

BIOS Coca-Cola Open 2005 event cancelled

Alki David, head of BIOS, the organiser of the BIOS Coca-Cola Open 2005 event due to happen in September 2005, has announced...

Two new Dynamic World Records announced

AIDA International has announced that Russian Natalia Molchanova has completed two new world records in Moscow.Dynamic No Fins...
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