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Ratio Computers Showcases Latest Line Of Dive Computers At DEMA Show 2016

Ratio Computers Showcases Latest Line Of Dive Computers At DEMA Show 2016

Ratio Computers' iDive freediving and diving computers are not just a gauge, but actual computers with their own operating system and a true diving and...
Cressi Introduces Newton Dive Computer

Cressi Introduces Newton Dive Computer

Cressi recently introduced the Newton, its latest dive computer. Retailing for around US$550/486 Euros, the Newton sports regular watch features like a 12- or 24-hour...
History of Diving Museum

Learn the History of Your Industry!

The History of Diving Museum has been teaching the public about the advancement of the diving industry since 2005.
Neal Watson II interacting with the Hammerheads on Great Hammerhead Safari

Neal Watson’s Bimini Scuba Center Moving To Bimini Big Game Club Resort & Marina

Neal Watson’s Bimini Scuba Center recently announced plans to move its scuba diving operation from South Bimini to Bimini Big Game Club Resort &...

Bonaire Receives 2008 Sustainable Tourism Award

Bonaire isthe new recipient of the prestigious IslandsMagazine/Caribbean Tourism Organization 2008 Sustainable Tourism Award. The Island was awarded the honour in recognition of their...

Florida Bans Shark-feeding Dives

"In a landmark decision, Florida today became the first state in the U.S. to prohibit divers from feeding marine wildlife. The ruling will go...
Underwater Ocean Surface

When a Vertical Current Gets You

Drift diving can be a fun type of Scuba Diving. We give some thought to what happens if the current takes you in the wrong direction... down!

Citizen Introduces New Professional Wrist Dive Computer

Citizen presents the newest Aqualand technology in the Cyber Aqualand NX. More than just a dive timepiece; it's a professional nitrox compatible dive...

Dubai Technical Divers plan to dive the U533 at 110m

Mission: to dive the U-533 on open circuit and return alive and unharmed on June 9th2006 A group of divers...

Dive the Perth in Albany

HMAS Perth is one of the artificial reefs being sunk for divers. Susan introduces us to the HMAS Perth in Albany.
A female scuba diver

10 Top Female Divers In The Diving World Today

Whilst diving (of all types) still is seen very much as a macho and manly set of sports, it's refreshing to see articles like...

Save Our Leatherbacks Operation Is Vivid-Pix’s First Non-Profit Program Partner

Save Our Leatherbacks Operation (S.O.L.O.), the leading non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the critically endangered Leatherback Turtle, is the first charity involved with a...

Life as a DAN Intern

Writer Jennifer Wiley talks about her experiences as an intern with DAN.
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