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ScubaPro Camo Wetsuit

Limited-Edition SCUBAPRO Camouflage Everflex Wetsuit Now Available

You can now order the 3mm SCUBAPRO camouflage Everflex wet suit

Creature Feature: Peanut Butter and Jellies!

While a peanut butter and jellyfish sandwich isn't a good idea, Abi Smigel spreads the word on jellyfish.

UV Paclite Launches Kickstarter Campaign For ‘Orb’ Rechargeable Flashlight

Sick of taking single-use glow sticks when you go night diving? Las Vegas, Nevada-based UV Paqlite, builders of the Scooblite reusable glow stick, recently launched...

Diving in the Opal mines of Dubnik

Excitement, enthusiasm and euphoria is a just reward for all the pain that researchers and adventurers endure for the hours researching in libraries, long and uncomfortable travel to dive in caves and mines. New Deeper Blue contributor David Cani tells this amazing story of a dive..
Diveways' Adaptive Full Face Mask

New Adaptive Full-Face Mask Unveiled At DEMA Show 2016

Are you a handicapped scuba diver or know someone who would benefit from a full-face mask with an adaptor that could hook up to another...
BARE recently introduced its new 'Limited Edition" women's wetsuit.

BARE Introduces Two New Women’s Wetsuit Lines

BARE recently launched two new wetsuit lines geared for women -- the “Limited Edition” and “Evoke.” Both wetsuit lines are the results of all-female design teams,...

MCS Oceans 2000 Marine Life Conference

Oceans 2000 is a major conference hosted by the Marine Conservation Society UK (MCS).

Online Shop Launched

"We're proud to announce that Deeper Blue has launched our own Diving Equipment Store. Selling all the leading brands at amazingly low prices, you can...
5 Best Books For Divers 2017

The Five Best Books for Divers in 2017

With Christmas around the corner, here are our top picks for books for divers
Giant Blue Hole found in Australia's barrier reef

New Blue Hole Discovered In the Great Barrier Reef

Scientist Johnny Gaskell has discovered a new Blue Hole on the Great Barrier.

Diver Survey Winner Announced

During the final months of 2006, a number of leading diving related websites launched a collaborative diver survey, which included...

New Edition of 50 Simple Things

The 5 million copy bestseller, 50 Simple Things YOU Can do to Save theEarth; that sparked a greenrevolution in the 1990's is back with...

iQCompany to make North American Debut at DEMA Show 2009

iQ Company, the leading Diver Lifestyle brand in Europe, will introduce its product portfolio to the North American market during DEMA Show 2009 in...
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