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ID fish with the 'Reef Finder' underwater guidebook.

Identify fish via ByoGuides’ ‘Reef Finder’

Ever been scuba diving and didn't have a guidebook to figure out what kind of fish you were looking at? Well, the folks at ByoGuides...

UK Dive Magazine publishes First Digital Cover

In a first for the history of the BSAC's Dive Magazine, the publication has announced that they have printed their...

Digital Photography – Tips & Tricks

Now you've decided to go ahead and dive into digital, here are some useful things that will help your experience.

Coral Pessimism Exaggerated ?

Anthropogenic climate change has doomed the world's coral reefs to extinction unless coordinated political action by governments is undertaken. Or has it?...
Master Liveaboards Offering Truk Lagoon Trips

Master Liveaboards Offering Truk Lagoon Trips

Are you a World War 2 history buff? Is diving the wrecks of Truk (also known as Chuuk) Lagoon in the South Pacific on...
Huish Outdoors Offering Free Tank Pod With Purchase Of Eon Steel Dive Computer

Huish Outdoors Offering Free Tank Pod With Purchase Of Eon Steel Dive Computer

Looks like Suunto's Viper Air Black dive computer isn't the only device Huish Outdoors is offering a free wireless Tank Pod with a purchase. Huish...

UK Wreck Amnesty

"The UK Receiver of Wreck, Veronica Robbins, has declared an amnesty for any UK Divers who have undeclared items of wreck. This amnesty...

Cancun to launch World's Largest Underwater Museum

An underwater museum is going to be placed at the National Park West Coast of Isla Mujeres in Cancun.  Cancun receives more 700,000 tourists...

AERIS Jetpack – Scuba BCD and Bag to Tackle Rising Baggage Fees

It's hard in the diving industry to create something truly innovative but at last years DEMA Show there was a buzz around a new...

Inspiration Rebreathers On Display at Tek Conference and DEMA Show

Learn about the latest in rebreather technology from Silent Diving Systems. Tek Conference exhibition booths #12-14 At the...

UK University to offer Diving Degree

UK University, Kingston University, has launched a degree in Outdoor Education that includes a number of outdoor adventure activities including Scuba Diving. ...

The M2 – The only submersible aircraft carrier

Contributing Writer Mark gives the history to the M2, the world's only submersible aircraft carrier.

Deadline For Prestigious Underwater Photography Competitions

Press release from www.divephotoguide.com   New York, NY (December 6, 2007)  -- For the second year, two international competitions associated with dive expos on opposite...
Photos copyright Al Scarlett (http://www.aquastudios.co.uk/)

Odd Underwater Pursuits for Adventurous Scuba Divers and Freedivers

Discover three odd underwater pursuits for scuba divers and freedivers, ranging from extreme underwater ironing to professional mermaiding.
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