Reef Fish

Florida’s Coral Spawning Season Is About To Start

It's that time of year again, so it's worth packing your dive gear and heading down to the Florida Keys for the annual Coral spawning season.

Women’s World Record Planned At Divetech Grand Cayman

Divetech Grand Cayman is planning to smash its own world record of the longest female underwater chain on Women's Dive Day 2019.
Ocean Apparel Company Mokarran Launches U.S.-Based Online Store

Ocean Apparel Company Mokarran Launches U.S.-Based Online Store

Mokarran, an eco-friendly clothing brand dedicated to ocean lovers, was launched in French Polynesia three years ago and now has a store dedicated to the U.S. market.

BREAKING: SDI/TDI Announce Acquisition Of Performance Freediving International

BREAKING: SDI/TDI announce the immediate acquisition of Performance Freediving International
Fourth Element Unveils New Ellipse Dry Glove System

Fourth Element Unveils New Ellipse Dry Glove System

If you're a cold-water diver and are looking for something that seals your drygloves to your drysuit, the folks at Fourth Element may have just the thing.
Oceanic Alpha 8 Octo

Free Oceanic Octopus When You Purchase A Regulator

Oceanic is offering you the opportunity to pick up a free Alpha 8 octopus when you purchase an Oceanic Zeo or Delta 5 regulator.
DEMA Awards Party 2017

Nominations For The DEMA 2019 Wave Makers Award Now Open

The award is aimed at dive professionals who have spent five years or less in the industry but have made a significant contribution.

Murex Bangka Resort Announces New Deluxe Ocean View Accommodation

Murex Bangka Resort in Indonesia has announced the opening of six new Deluxe Ocean view rooms at its resort.

Summer Special for Zeagle Recon Fins And Scope Mono Mask

Zeagle is running a limited edition of its Recon Fins and Scope Mono Masks this summer.
DAN Encouraging Divers To Enjoy Lobster Mini Season Safely

DAN Encouraging Divers To Enjoy Lobster Mini Season Safely

With Florida's Spiny Lobster Sport Season ("mini season") only two weeks away, the Divers Alert Network recently circulated some tips on how to safely hunt these underwater critters.
Samuel L. Jackson at the History of Diving Museum

Samuel L. Jackson Visits The History of Diving Museum

Hollywood star Samuel L. Jackson brought a sprinkle of stardust when he recently visited the History Of Diving Museum.
CPR and AED on the beach ,Training Automated External Defibrillator for Rescue and first aid in Thailand.

New EFR-Approved Diver Emergency Medical Responder Course Announced

A new EFR Diving Emergency Medical Responder (DEMR) Specialty Course has been announced, starting August 1, 2019.
Deptherapy Announces Partnership With RAID (Photo credit: Dmitry Knyazev for Deptherapy)

Deptherapy Announces Partnership With RAID

Scuba diving rehabilitation charity Deptherapy this week announced a new partnership with diver training agency RAID.

Caradonna Adventures Releases its 2019 Digital Travel Guide

Caradonna Adventures has released its 2019 Digital Dive Travel Guide.
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