Scuba Diving

If you want to learn more about what is Scuba Diving check out our feature articles and news below.

Diving the Philippines

New contributing writer Andy Pope leads you on a discovery of The Philippines. If you're looking for a mix of local 'laid back' charm, fun and great diving, Andy can recommend where to look.

Headaches and Diving

DAN Provide Some Helpful Advice for Frequent Dive-Related Headaches

Marine Bacteria – an anti-cancer Drug?

"Bacteria living inside a small marine animal may be the source of a new drug compound being developed to fight cancer. The marine invertebrate Bugula...

First "carbon neutral" scuba diving travel

A new scuba diving organization opened in Dupont Circle (Washington D.C.) has announced today the first program of "carbon neutral" scuba travel opportunities for...

First Real Submarine Car

GENEVA (AFP) — A car that can be driven underwater is set to beunveiled next month at the International Geneva Motor Show, the Swissmanufacturer... Relaunches

Our friends over at have relaunched the main website.  This beta release of the website, which had hoped to be launched at DEMA...

Conservationists Stunned, Iceland to Hunt 250 Whales in the Name of ???Science??

(Reykjavik, Iceland – 7 April 2003) -- The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW – is stunned by ...
Divers Find Missing British WW2 Sub HMS Tarpon Off Danish Coast

Divers Find Missing British WW2 Sub Off Danish Coast

Divers recently found a British submarine that was sunk by a German armed merchant ship in the North Sea in 1940. HMS Tarpon, an 84-meter/276-foot-long...

Dredging ruins leading Australian Dive Area

Port Phillip Bay has long been considered one of the great cold water dive sites, serving Australia's second largest city...

Good news for Sharks in Florida

On November 16th 2011, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) voted to enact a motion put forward to help protect sharks in...

Akumal Cave Project 2004 – 17th March Update

Staff Writer Grant, on-location with the Akumal Cave Project, reports in with this daily report from 17th March
History of Diving Museum

Learn the History of Your Industry!

The History of Diving Museum has been teaching the public about the advancement of the diving industry since 2005.

SSI’s Paul Toomer Leaves to Join RAID International as Major Stakeholder

Rebreather Association International Divers (RAID) has announced the appointment of Paul V Toomer as Director of Diver Training and a major stakeholder in the...

New York Project Aware Day Upcoming

"Urban Divers & The River Project are planning an underwater clean up day on Sept 16 2001 starting at 10am at The River Project...
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