Scuba Diving

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Cypriot Divers claim World's Longest Scuba Dive

Mark Brimble and Jan Burt from Aloha Dive Centre in Cyprus have spent a total of 24 hours underwater to raise money...

Bonaire Dive Festival Extended and Participation Fees Eliminated

Maduro Dive Fanta-Seas offers dive stores, industry members their choice of all properties on Bonaire for this eagerly-anticipated annual event. ...

DEMA and Rock Band Youngblood Hawke Team Up To Make Anti-Shark Finning Commercial

In September, the Dive Equipment & Marketing Association and Los Angeles-based rock band Youngblood Hawke teamed up to film a television commercial aimed at...

Dive Middle East Exhibition 2005 Part III

The Middle East holds it first dive trade exhibition in Dubai, and staff writer Sara-Lise writes about the last part of her day there.

Titanic's last remaining survivor fundraise

Three big star names from the Titanic blockbuster have each donated $10,000 to a fund to secure the future of Millvina Dean,...

Divers recover Campbells Bluebird

"The BBC Online is reporting today that divers have recovered the wreck of Donald Campbells Bluebird from the bottom of Coniston Water in Cumbria,...

Jumbo Squid Invade Northern California Waters

Monterrey, California - Surveys indicate that large numbers of a jumbo squid species, Dosidicus gigas, have swarmed into the coastal waters of...
Dive Pioneer Jim Stewart Dead At 89 (Photo credit: UC San Diego)

Scripps Dive Pioneer Jim Stewart Dead At 89

Renowned diving expert Jim Stewart passed away last week at the age of 89. Stewart was the chief diving officer emeritus at the University of...

Putting the ‘OM’ into diving

Yoga and scuba diving do not make obvious bedfellows. One calls to mind lithe bodies in stretchy lycra, the other a clumsy vision in...

New Bayonet Bracket

Aqua Explorers, Inc. is proud to announce the release of the New BAYONET BRACKET Quick Release Pony/Light Cannister Bracket.
BARE’s New Velocity Ultra Wetsuits Are Now Available

BARE’s New Velocity Ultra Wetsuits Are Now Available

If you're a guy and are in the market for a new wetsuit, BARE Sports may have something for you. BARE Sports recently announced that...
5 Tips for New Divers

5 Tips for New Divers

If you are a new diver, welcome to the wonderful world of scuba diving. I hope you have had a chance to read our...
Women Divers Hall Of Fame To Induct Six New Members In 2016

Women Divers Hall Of Fame To Induct Six New Members In 2016

A young scion of an Indy 500 racing dynasty is one of the latest inductees into the Women Divers Hall of Fame. Cody Unser, a...
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