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Shearwater Dive Computers Can Now Sync To Deepblu Connect

Shearwater users can now upload their dive logs and the information supplementing them to the Deepblu app.

Australians Attempt To Break Record For Longest Underwater Chain Of Scuba...

Australians break record For Longest Underwater Chain Of Scuba Divers

Shipwrecks Of The Slave Trade Could Unveil Secrets Of Their Times

Scientists are attempting to study the slave trade by examining the wrecks of the coast of Africa.

Nominations For DAN’s Rolex Diver Of The Year Award Now Open

Nominations for the DAN Rolex Diver of The Year award now open

NAUI Launches Its Dive Leader Rescue Workshops

NAUI launches set to launch its leadership rescue workshops.

The Five Best Books for Divers in 2017

With Christmas around the corner, here are our top picks for books for divers

Sigourney Weaver Talks About Her Freediving Training For ‘Avatar 2’

There will be plenty of underwear action in the New Avatar 2 film.

New Heads-Up Display Dive Computer Unveiled

A new heads up display dive computer is about to hit the market

Oceanic Launches Alpha 10 Regulator

Oceanic has launched a new and updated version of their Alpha 10 regulator

The 2017 Scuba Christmas Gift Guide

Check out our 2017 Christmas Gift Guide for the Scuba Diver in your life

Fourth Element’s Website Has A New Look

Global dive clothing brand Fourth Element has updated its website.

Crowdfunding Campaign Unveiled For New, High-End Dive Watch

There's a new, high-end dive watch that's undergoing a crowdfunding campaign to get it to market.

Ever Wanted To Snorkel Or Dive The Antarctic?

Waterproof Expeditions is offering a cruise to the Antarctic Peninsula and the Weddell Sea, with the option of snorkeling or diving those chilly waters.

New Lifeforms Discovered In Yucatan Cave System

Scientists make discover unique Methane based ecosystem in the Yucatan.
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