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The water in the Ressel is often gin clear. There is very little silt and given its proximity to the road it’s an ideal training site.

The Darkness Beckons – The Future Of Cave Diving

In this exclusive excerpt from The Darkness Beckons, author Martyn Farr considers what the future might hold for cave diving
Divers emerging from the sea after a Clean Up dive in Curacao

Dive Centres Band Together To Combat Marine Debris In Curacao

Curacao dive centres club together to combat the scourge of Marine debris
Weekend Dive Event To Showcase Diving With A Disability

Weekend Dive Event To Showcase Diving With A Disability

Just because a person has some form of physical disability shouldn't mean that scuba diving is out of the question.
Female Diver celebrating PADI Women Dive Day

PADI Women’s Dive Day Sees 884 Events Held In 85 Countries

884 events are held worldwide to mark and Celebrate PADI Women Dive day
Shark Video from third placed Shareene in the PADI 4 Marine Animals Contest

Winners Of The PADI 4 Marine Animals Contest Announced

The winners of the PADI 4 Marine Animals Contest are announced
Two Scuba Divers In Silhouette

Peer Pressure: It Is Not Just For Kids

We all like to be a part of a group, it is human nature. What happens when peer pressure takes over on a dive?
NAUI To Sponsor History Of Diving Museum 'Vintage Weekend Wonders' Event

NAUI To Sponsor History Of Diving Museum ‘Vintage Weekend Wonders’ Event

Are you a NAUI member and an aficionado of the "Sea Hunt" TV series that aired from 1958 to 1961? Well, the History of...
First Aid Kit

Basic Marine Life Injuries & How to Treat Them

Find out how to treat basic marine life injuries, ranging from coral cuts and grazes to jellyfish stings and animal bites.
Snorkeling man in full face mask

Experts Raise Questions About Safety Of Full-Face Snorkel Masks

A increase in the rate of drownings while snorkelling in Hawaii raises questions about the safety of full face snorkelling masks.
Divers entering Sa Piqueta

Cave Diver Rescued After Spending Two Days Trapped In A Cave

A cave diver is rescued from after spending 48 hours trapped in an a cave in Mallorca
Technical Diver Decompressing on Southern Red Sea reef

Blue O Two, Tekstreme Announce New Red Sea Tech Safaris For 2018

Blue O Two and Tekstreme team up for some great Red Sea technical diving itineraries in 2018
the passing of Dr. J. Morgan-Wells on July 28, 2017

Diving Legend Dr. J. Morgan-Wells Passes Away

Sadly, the diving world has lost another one of its leaders, pioneers, and legends, Dr. J. Morgan-Wells
Megamouth shark off Komodo

Megamouth Shark Encountered Off Indonesia

Very rare video of an encounter with a Megamouth Shark of the coast of Komodo
SCUBAPRO First Diving Manufacturer To Support Deepblu Connect

SCUBAPRO First Major Diving Manufacturer To Support Deepblu Connect

New collaboration enables direct wireless synchronization between SCUBAPRO smart dive computers and the Deepblu online diving community.
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