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'47 Meters Down' Debuts At No. 5 In U.S. Box Office

’47 Meters Down’ Debuts At No. 5 In U.S. Box Office

Scuba diving (or "sharksploitation" if you really hated it) movie "47 Meters Down" debuted in U.S. theaters this past weekend with a US$11.5 million...
Divers Alert Network at DEMA

DAN Announces New Professional Liability Insurance Program

With litigation on the rise, comprehensive liability protection is critical to any safe and sustainable business — including the dive industry.To that end, the...
Divesangha Dry

Divesangha, Inspired By Divers For All Ocean Lovers

What do divers need from their clothing? We look at Divesangha who produce comfortable, practical and stylish divewear aimed at people who love the ocean
BARE’s New Velocity Ultra Wetsuits Are Now Available

BARE’s New Velocity Ultra Wetsuits Are Now Available

If you're a guy and are in the market for a new wetsuit, BARE Sports may have something for you.BARE Sports recently announced that...
diver trim skill or behavior

Is Diving Skills or Behavior?

What is a “good diver” or an “experienced diver”? Does it have to do with your skills or behavior? We take a look at what it takes in this article.
Watersports Industry Pioneer Jack O’Neill Has Passed Away

Watersports Industry Pioneer Jack O’Neill Has Passed Away

In case you hadn’t heard, wetsuit pioneer Jack O'Neill passed away earlier this month at the age of 94.O'Neill, founder of the worldwide surf company...
Dive Pioneer Jim Stewart Dead At 89 (Photo credit: UC San Diego)

Scripps Dive Pioneer Jim Stewart Dead At 89

Renowned diving expert Jim Stewart passed away last week at the age of 89.Stewart was the chief diving officer emeritus at the University of...
Two Technical Divers silhouette

Tec Diving Courses That Bridge The Gap

Find out how to bridge the gap between being a recreational diver and technical diver.
Quadriplegic, Ventilator-Dependent Scuba Diver Matt Johnston Visited The History of Diving Museum

Matt Johnston Works To Advance Adaptive Diving

Diving with any kind of disability can be a challenge, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. Just ask Matt Johnston.Ten years ago, Matt became...
Deepblu Leads Dive Agencies into the Digital Age

Deepblu Leads Dive Agencies Into The Digital Age

The International Technical Diving Agency (ITDA) the International Diving Association (IDA) and the Diving Instructor World Association (DIWA) have begun to adopt Deepblu to extend their reach...
PADI Instructor Bobby Post Goes On A Dream Trip To The Great Barrier Reef

PADI Instructor Who Certified 25-Millionth Diver Goes On Dream Trip

Imagine being the instructor to certify the 25-millionth PADI Open Water Diver, and as a result, winning a dream trip to Australia's Great Barrier...
Latest Novel In Eric Douglas' Mike Scott Thriller Series Releases This Week

Latest Novel In Eric Douglas’ Mike Scott Thriller Series Releases This Week

If you love books based on the Florida Keys, a new novel by author Eric Douglas is set for official release this week.Douglas' latest...
The Mares Coral She Dives Wetsuit

Review: Mares Coral She Dives Women’s Wetsuit

Check out our review on the Mares Coral She Dives women's wetsuit.
Spiegel Grove Artificial Reef Turns 15 Years Old This Year (Photo credit: Frazier Nivens/Florida Keys News Bureau)

Spiegel Grove Artificial Reef Celebrates 15th Anniversary Next Month

Fifteen years ago, the former U.S. Navy amphibious ship Spiegel Grove was sunk to create an artificial reef in the Florida Keys National Marine...
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