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PADI Freediver

PADI To Launch Freediver Training Program

The worlds largest Scuba Diving Training agency - PADI - has just announced it is launching a brand new Freediver program at the DEMA...
Audrey Mestre Reflective Prior to Final Dive

Personal Reflections on “No Limits” and Audrey Mestre

24 hours has passed since the first airings of ESPN's Nine for IX film "No Limits" that covers the tragic events surrounding the death...
Tom Cruise plays Ethan Hunt in Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation from Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions.

Tom Cruise Took Freediving Classes For Latest Mission Impossible Film

The hype is starting to ramp up for the latest Mission Impossible movie featuring Hollywood megastar Tom Cruise as it is released today internationally. The...

The #1 reason why Scuba Divers shouldn’t Freedive

The number one reason why Scuba Divers shouldn't Freedive, according to Feargus Callagy of, is that you can get bent if you mix...

Jennifer Lawrence To Star As Audrey Mestre In “The Dive”

The long awaited James Cameron cinematic version of "The Dive" - the tragic love story of Pipin Ferraras and Audrey Mestre is potentially starting to...
Mariafelicia Carraturo 112m No Limits Italian National Record

Italian Sets New No Limits Record After 26 Years

On 12th July 2015 in Sharm-el-Sheikh Mariafelicia Carraturo, a 44 year old from Napoli (Italy), set a new Italian National Record in the discipline...

Top 10 Freediving Videos

Freediving videos have started gaining popularity on sites such as YouTube for a few years now.  Some have even seen explosive growth into the...
Blue Abyss 50m Pool

World’s Deepest Pool To Be Built In The UK

Europe has seen it's far share of deep pools - the 28m Submarine Escape Training Tank (S.E.T.T.) in the UK, 33m Nemo33 in Belgium...
Herbert Nitsch Breitling

Herbert Nitsch father breaks silence on son’s condition

After weeks of silence on Herbert Nitsch's condition after being rushed to hospital for treatment once he surfaced from his Freediving World Record Attempt...
Glass and Water - Freediving Photography Mark Harris

First Guide To Freediving For Underwater Photography Released

Former British Champion freediver Mark Harris has released his first book - Glass and Water: The Essential Guide to Freediving for Underwater Photography. ...

Ant Judge Reclaims Australian Freediving Record

Was there more coffee? Was there something magical in the trade winds? Or was it simply that all the heart and dedication of Ant...
I Can Hold My Breath

Freediving App Review Series: I Can Hold My Breath

This is part of the Freediving App Review Series - a collection of reviews of Freediving related mobile apps. Each app has been reviewed based on a standardized set of criteria you can see here. In this article we review the I Can Hold My Breath App.

Herbert Nitsch Talks About His Fateful Dive and Recovery

Herbert Nitsch, who nearly lost his life during a world record attempt on 6th June 2012, has spoken publicly on social media sites about...

Audrey Mestre Film “No Limits” Available Online

The ESPN documentary film "No Limits" that aired last night (23rd July 2013) has been made available online via Video Sharing site Vimeo.  See...
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