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Australia Acts to Protect Six Marine Turtle Species

A national recovery plan has been drafted to increase protection for Australia's marine turtles, Environment Minister Dr. David Kemp announced...

New FitDiver Magazine Makes Its Debut

ScubaFit founder Gretchen Ashton has debuted FitDiver Magazine, a new quarterly publication that features workouts and exercises for people who participate in watersport activities...
South Lake Tahoe Photograph by Patrick Nouhailler

Altitude Diving – Scuba Diving with an Attitude

I am sure we all have a friend or two that come off having an attitude. They may have their own set of rules...
Tiger Shark Kills U.S. Diver Off Costa Rican Island

Tiger Shark Kills U.S. Diver Off Costa Rican Island

A Tiger Shark killed a female U.S. diver off Costa Rica's Cocos Island

Bonaire First Dive Festival

Bonaire First Dive Festival

CHRIS BENZ Watches Introduces Latest Dive Watch

CHRIS BENZ Watches has introduced its latest dive watch, the DEPTHMETER Chronograph 300M. The new dive watch "is a sophisticated performer and logical development of...
5 Best Books For Divers 2017

The Five Best Books for Divers in 2017

With Christmas around the corner, here are our top picks for books for divers
d520 orchtorch dive light

Review: Orcatorch D520

Way at the back of the exhibit hall of DEMA 2016 show was a first-time exhibitor from China named Orcatorch a manufacturer of dive...
Julie Bryne, diving the day before being stranded in the Indian Ocean (Photo credit:

A Group Of Divers Was Left Stranded, Drifting For Seven Hours Before Being Rescued

Remember that film OPEN WATER back in 2004 that depicted the real-life story of two divers that were mistakenly abandoned in the middle of...

Direct from the field: Sri Lanka Rebuilding – Part II

Scuba Editor Francesca continues her log from Sri Lanka where she is helping a rebuild effort with a Scuba focus
Top 5 Scuba Diving Best Sellers

Top 5 Scuba Diving Best Sellers

There are a number of bestselling books available about the art of scuba diving, whether they are non-fiction, best sites for scuba diving or...
The Mares Coral She Dives Wetsuit

Review: Mares Coral She Dives Women’s Wetsuit

Check out our review on the Mares Coral She Dives women's wetsuit.

Unexpected Decompression Illness

Flying-After-Diving Perspective On a Diving Dilemma by DAN's Anthony Almon, Duke Hyperbaric Center and Donna Uguccioni, DAN Medical Research
Weeklong Tech Diving Clinic To Be Held In Cozumel In December

Learn Tech Diving In Cozumel This Coming December

If learning more about technical diving is on your bucket list and you want a short respite from the onset of winter's chill, the...
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